Lake Atitlan Weekend Trip February 9 to 11

No trip to Guatemala is complete without a visit to Lake Atitlan, described by Lonely Planet as “the closest thing to Eden on Earth”



🌟 Discover the Magic of Lake Atitlán! 🌟 **Minimum 6 People Required for Trip Confirmation** Join us on an unforgettable journey to one of Guatemala's most mesmerizing destinations—Lake Atitlán! Nestled within a colossal volcanic crater in Guatemala's stunning southwestern highlands, this trip promises awe-inspiring experiences and natural wonders. 🏞️ Immersed in Nature's Beauty: Experience the serene embrace of nature surrounding our stay. Here, every step leads to a vista of breathtaking landscapes. Nestled amidst stunning scenery, our accommodations are a stone's throw away from an array of dining options, from local eateries to international cuisine, cozy coffee shops, and vibrant street food vendors. Indulge in Guatemalan textiles and handcrafted treasures lovingly made by indigenous communities residing around the Lake. 🚤 Explore the Lakeside Treasures: Over the course of this weekend escapade, we'll journey through four of Lake Atitlan's most captivating villages: Santa Cruz, San Juan La Laguna, and San Marcos La Laguna. Our mode of travel? Lanchas—speedboats—offering an exhilarating and scenic ride! Glide across the crystalline waters, embraced by towering volcanoes, harmonizing bird songs, and the sheer thrill of a water-bound adventure. Embark on a journey that promises to be a tapestry of cultural immersion, natural marvels, and unforgettable moments at Lake Atitlán! Let the magic of Lake Atitlán enchant you! 🌅✨







First Location -  Drop off at our accommodation

Evening Time - We arrive at early evening time. We will make a family dinner and enjoy it together, easing ourselves in to an action packed weekend. 



Family dinner on the first night





In the morning, we will head to Isla Verde for a lovely scenic breakfast to prepare for our day in nature. After breakfast, we will head to the beautiful town called San Juan La Laguna. San Juan La Laguna is known for its vibrant indigenous culture and traditional Mayan artistry. The town is particularly renowned for its local artists who create intricate handwoven textiles and colorful paintings, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the Mayan people.  We will also have the opportunity to join local people and learn about the making of Guatemalan art textiles! We will be designing a symbol and craft its design on textile! San Juan will definitely show you Guatemala's artistic culture.

After exploring San Juan, we will head back to our town and enjoy free time!


Stunning views

Boat Transportation

Textile weaving session

Not Included In Price

Food & beverage




We will have an easy morning at the accommodation enjoying the lake before catching a boat to San Marcos, a magical village that has obtained the reputation of an “energy vortex”. It is filled with yoga retreats, holistic healing centres and new age workshops! 

We will be visiting the famous Eagle's Nest, with the best views of the lake. 

We will spend the entire afternoon in this unique place, before heading back to Antigua, arriving early evening. 


Transportation by boat

San Marcos Village exploration

Not Included In Price

Food & beverage

What's Included

What's Included

Transportation to and from Antigua

Accommodation in a large shared house for 2 nights

Textile class. in San Juan La Laguna

Private access to the nature spots within the property

Family dinner on the first evening

Transportation around the lake to multiple different towns

Stunning views

Swimming spots

Additional activities

Food & beverage

Lake Atitlan

It wouldn't be a Noma Collective Guatemala Edition without a weekend trip to the breathtaking Lake Atitlan..

Discover the captivating beauty of Lake Atitlan on a weekend getaway with the Noma Collective. Nestled in the highlands of Guatemala, this scenic lake boasts breathtaking views and a tranquil atmosphere. Explore charming lakeside villages, embark on invigorating hikes, and savor the flavors of local cuisine. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventure, Lake Atitlan offers an unforgettable experience. Join us for a memorable weekend surrounded by nature's wonders and create lasting memories with the Noma community.

Lake Atitlan

You'll Be Staying Here

Large Private Lake House

Large Private Lake House

Join us at the lake house for a coliving experience with your new crew.

We have reserved a large property with stunning views of the lake, multiple places to relax and enjoy nature including a pool and garden areas. 

There are 10 single beds in 5 bedrooms so we will be buddying up for the two night stay. Due to this, there will be first come, first reserved beds once payment is made. If more than 10 would like to book, we can look into bringing extra beds online.

Our home for the weekend is a lakeside house is peacefully quiet, yet close to restaurants and activities. The gardens showcase the stunning natural beauty of Guatemala. Outdoor spaces abound for swimming, sunning, relaxing, al fresco dining and taking in the wonderful views. Private swim beach with sunrise and sunset views. 

Lake Atitlan Weekend Trip February 9 to 11

Guatemala· 2 nights