Panamanian Cooking Class

Join us for an authentic culinary experience in Bocas Town.



**Minimum of 6 participants**** Departure time: 11:45 am from Nowhere Pero que ricooo! Aqui tendremos una experiencia de puro chef PanameƱo! We will transport from Nowhere by car and head to Random Art, a beautiful art house where we will have a culinary experience using local produce and recipes based on what is found fresh that day and will be inspired by PanameƱan local Caribbean cuisine. We will enjoy a welcome drink cocktail (with alcohol or nonalcohol depending on what your preference is) and receive culinary knowledge. The class is hands-on preparation and the dishes we make are enjoyed by everyone attending! As you surround yourself with paitings on the walls of all kinds, we will learn how to prepare Panamanian coconut bread, better known as Yanikeke. The Yanikeke, one of the most traditional bread in Panama, is usually prepared mainly on the north coast and thanks to its great flavor it is one of the favorites of all Panamanians. Together we will be preparing a fresh coastal Mango salad. We will also enjoy cooking fish of the day, baked in Banana's leaf, served with coconut rice and chayote. To finish, incredible chocolate truffles (made from local cacao chocolate). Return Time: 3:15 pm (we can always arrange for people to return late if you wish to stay in the center)

What's Included

What's Included

Welcome cocktail

Iced Tea or fruit drink


Main Dish


Take-home recipes

Culinary knowledge

Local home visit

Transportation to and from the location

Panamanian Cooking Class

Panama· 1 day